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Pascale Boution

What can you contact me for?

- Eating disorders

- Weight problems

- Allergies and food intolerance, diabetes

- Bile and liver problems, digestive disorders (gastrointestinal), kidney problems

- Inflammations, skin problems, menopause complaints, headaches, cholesterol, immunity, ADHD

- The right food combinations, restoring acid-alkaline balance

- Stress, depression, nervousness, depression, insecurity, insomnia, mood swings and much more.

I also give workshops 


Payment after each session (in advance at workshops): cash or via the bank contact app.

Some health insurance funds provide a certain compensation when consulting a health consultant.

Phone number: 0477/33 76 01



Do not forget to consult your doctor for a correct diagnosis and do not try to use certain products yourself, because their effect and purity can vary enormously, which can lead to unpleasant undesired consequences. 


Every body reacts differently, every body is unique.


Take care of it!





Zandstraat 3, 8500 Kortrijk

Tel.: +32 (0) 477337601

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