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Melissa Winne

I am a psychological counsellor, behavioural counsellor in training and social worker.

In my studies, my work experience in mental health care and everyday life, I’ve noticed that as a human being you can get stuck in all kinds of areas in life, and that you don't always succeed in 'solving' everything yourself or in dealing with this easily. It can then be helpful to have someone close by with whom you can talk and who can be by your side to look at what you bump into and how you can deal with it. I want to offer you this proximity and support. 

Together, we work on exploring and recognising what is difficult and finding a balance again. Together we also pay attention to what goes well and how you can use your strengths in dealing with all kinds of situations.


As a (young) adult you can come to me for all kinds of problems and areas of life in which things are difficult. This may concern emotional difficulties such as fear, panic, depressive feelings, insecurity, low self-esteem, mourning, coping difficulties, stress-related complaints, ADHD... As well as difficulty sleeping, making and maintaining social contacts, finding a healthy daily structure and balance or life questions such as identity and (re)discovering who you are. This can also include practical issues such as regaining order in your home or in the planning and organisation of your daily life. If it is not yet clear to you what is causing you trouble, I will work with you to find or rediscover what your needs are.


During the first meeting, the focus is on getting to know you and on you being able to tell your story. In addition to getting to know you, we explore what your expectations are and whether we can work on this together. In the following sessions we will effectively work with what you want to work on and there is also room to just be yourself and relax.

A conversation of 60 minutes costs €50.*.

If desired and practically possible, I can also come and visit you at home. 

You can make an appointment by phone or email. If I can't answer the phone, please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.


* You can pay in cash or via your bancontact app. 



Zandstraat 3, 8500 Kortrijk

Tel.: +32 (0) 497 71 89 75

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