Evelyne Corneillie


From empathy and without judgment, I want to work with you during a career path to address your career question in a goal-oriented way. 


Are you looking for a better work-life balance or more workable work?

Would you like to improve your relationships with colleagues? Are you looking for new challenges?

Would you like to positively influence your working conditions? Have you lost your drive at work?

Do you want to explore which job suits you best? Do you want to grow within your organisation but do not know how? Are you looking for a way to make the most of your talents at work? Take your career into your own hands, choose for individual career guidance and make career choices that really suit you with confidence! You can contact me with career cheques via WISL.


Career guidance is a project subsidised by the Flemish government. You can apply for career cheques for this.

If you qualify for career cheques, you only pay 80 euros for 7 hours of guidance. Click the following link for more information on the conditions for these career cheques. 



30' Introduction meeting for free

Cheque 1: 2 sessions of 2 hours - €40

Who am I?

What can I do?

Reflective personal development plan.


Voucher 2: 2 sessions of 1.5 hours - €40

What do I want?

How to tackle it?

Action-oriented personal development plan 

Each cheque also entitles you to an aftercare session (30') - free of charge




Do you feel your battery draining? Are you heading for burn-out or do you want to work preventively on a healthy energy level? Do you need a listening ear, without judgment? Do you want to learn how to set your limits? Do you lack self-confidence or do you want to overcome fear of failure? Do you want to stop brooding? ...


In a personal programme tailored to your needs, we get to work with your questions, wishes and goals and we look for a sustainable solution to deal with stress permanently. We also provide a relapse prevention plan and follow-up for reintegration into the workplace. 


Possible course of action: orientation - analysis of the stress symptoms and sources of stress - recovery of energy and physical condition - coping with stress and emotions - strengthening of competences - rediscovering oneself - match with social environment and work - relapse prevention, reintegration and follow-up.



55 euro per hour 


Payment is made after each session, in cash, via the Bancontact app or via Payconiq.





Individual tutoring for secondary school students and young adults in higher education always starts with an intake interview.


During this conversation, the needs, requests for help and expectations are discussed in order to map out strengths, weaknesses and qualities. Based on this conversation, the support needed will be determined together and agreements will be made about the functioning, intensity and frequency of the sessions. During the further course of the programme, regular meetings are also planned. In this way, the evolution can be discussed and there is room for giving feedback, advice and tips.


During the study guidance we work on

- learning to learn

- drawing up a planning

- learning an own study method on the basis of the learning style of the young person

- learning to work in a structured way

- preparing for exams

- organising the study environment




40 euro per hour, 24 euro per half hour


Payment after each session, in cash, via the Bancontact app or via Payconiq. Translated with 




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Tel.: +32 (0) 476 48 98 17